Thanks to the hard work of Marin Organic and its pioneering founders and producers, Marin County became the epicenter of the organic farming movement and remains so today.

Since 2001, Marin Organic has been a gathering point for local farmers and ranchers who believed in creating meaningful standards for organic agriculture and shared a vision of a region where agriculture would be environmentally and economically sustainable.

Marin Organic has been a great success and it’s time for us to declare victory and open the space for other nonprofit efforts to thrive and make a difference. Thank you all for your years of support and dedication, it’s a bittersweet time for us at Marin Organic, but it feels good to say: WE WON!


Our programs will continue to thrive with our valued partners:
the Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM) and UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE).



Visit a local farm with your students or community group to make the connections between healthy eating, environmental stewardship, and sustainable agriculture. > Read More On the second Tuesday of each month we invite farmers of all skill levels for workshops led by experienced organic farmers, ranchers, producers, and business specialists. > Read More